My name is Meagan and that is my handsome and amazing husband Mark. We’re newlyweds from Atlanta, GA. Between getting married, owning our first home, learning new hobbies and just enjoying life we thought starting a blog was a good way to share our lessons and adventures with friends and family. Plus, it will give me an outlet for the millions of thoughts swirling in my head at any given time (poor Mark!).

I’m a lover of all things beautiful, colorful, organized, fluffy and yummy and am addicted to John Mayer (hence the blog name), Pinterest and fro yo. When I’m not working, cleaning or doing laundry you can find me enjoying time with Friends, hanging out with my family, playing with our two fur babies, cooking, pinning, taking pictures or brainstorming our next big house project.

Mark loves music above all else (except me of course) and is a very talented drummer by night. You can usually find him watching his fav shows or the Atlanta Falcons, playing and listening to music or following me quietly around Target, Homegoods, or Nordstrom.

We can’t wait to see what this life has in store for us, so feel free to share in the journey!!


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