The ABCs of Meagan

A is for Age: 26. Ugh mid-twenties, I still feel like I’m 18 and most people tell me I look it too, I’ll appreciate that one day.

B is for Breakfast: Cereal and almond milk. If you haven’t tired almond milk, I highly recommend it…all the nutrition without the cow juice.

C is for Current Craving: Fro yo…we’re regular visitors of our local fro yo place. Added bonus it’s quite nutritious, well at least until you add chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and sprinkles…

D is for Dinner tonight: Not sure yet, it’s Friday so we may have a date night!

E is for Favorite type of Exercise: Pilates, but lately we’ve been involved in a new cross training class at our gym…I hate it and love it at the same time, it kicks my a**.

F is for irrational Fear: If you call being deathly afraid of flying, stinging insects (Bee, Wasps, Hornets, yellowjackets, etc…) irrational then I’m guilty.

G is for Goals: I have many but here are a few that are most important to me: really learn and understand photography as well as editing, start a family, sell our current house and buy a new one, become a good blogger, travel more, and be a better person in general.

H is for Hometown: I was born in Orlando, FL but have spent most of my life in good ole Alpharetta, GA a little suburb outside of Atlanta.

I is for something Important: My husband of course, family, friends and good health.

J is for current favorite Jam: That’s hard one…I have several…but at the moment I’m really loving Maroon 5’s “Payphone”…Adam Levine is pretty easy on the eyes.

K is for Kids: I definitely want kids someday but for now, I just have two kitties, Coco and Cleo.

L is for Last time you received a present: My mom bought me some cute home accessories on her recent trip to West Elm. LOVE them!!

M is for most recent way you spend Money: I bought soup for lunch.

N is something you Need: I want many things but…I NEED black sandals for summer, like yesterday. It’s already crazy warm here!

O is for Occupation: I’m a Marketing Development Rep (this title in no way represents what I actually do).

P is for Pet Peeve: I can’t stand when people fish for comments/questions on Facebook, statuses like “So excited!” or “I can’t believe this happened to me!”, drive me crazy.

Q is for Quote: “Don’t regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many.” I always need to remember this!

R is for Random fact about you: I LOVE crazy colored nail polish…and have way to much of it.

S is for the most random place you ever Slept: In the back of my SUV at a truck stop. In college my friend and I were on vacation in Florida and decided to come back home to Georgia at 11:00 at night, so we could hang out with some boys the next day. It’s an eight hour drive…we lasted 3 and pulled over and slept for a couple hours at a scary truck stop.

T is for favorite Treat: Cake batter Fro yo, enough said…

U is for something that makes you Unique:  I have weird thumbs…I’m self conscious about them, so I’ll spare you a picture. They may or may not be short, and stubby….

V is for favorite Vegetable: Green beans, I could eat them cooked anyway (green bean casserole anyone?) or even raw.

W is for today’s Workout: Well I have a dub date planned after work so I guess I’ll be skipping today.

X is for X-rays you’ve had:  Fortunately I’ve ever broken any bones, but I’ve had my lungs and stomach X-rayed before.

Y is for Yesterdays highlight: Having a double date with my best friend Ashley, her hubby and sweet baby boy!!

Z is for time Zone: Eastern


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