Happy Birthday to you…

This post is for my hubby

Because it’s your birthday and because I love you bunches

You’re the best husband ever…

Because you love me even when I’m not so loveable

Because you encourage me and support all of my crazy ideas and plans

Because you don’t just hear me, you listen

Because you never let me leave the house hungry or without coffee

Because you’re kind and patient even when I’m not

Because you’re endlessly positive

Because you’re smart and witty

Because you let me call you silly pet names and you call me them too

Because you’re really handsome

Because you love my family like your own…even when they’re crazy

Because you bring me breakfast in bed on the weekends

Because you write the best love letters

Because you’re a wonderful musician and you let me be your groupie

Because you don’t get embarrassed by my questionable dance moves

Because you follow me around stores and don’t get impatient with my indecisiveness (most of the time)

Because you’ll give up watching the Falcon’s on a Sunday if I really want you to

Because you make me laugh and you laugh at my jokes too (even when they aren’t funny)

Because you’re the best cuddler…EVER

Because you don’t judge my exaggerated fear of stinging insects

Because you apologize when you’re wrong

Because you’ll be a wonder father some day

Because you talk to our kitties like they’re people

Because you’re my husband and I’m your wife and that’s pretty much the best thing ever

Have a wonderful 27th birthday!

I heart you ❤


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