Weekly Obsession: Owls

My name is Meagan and I’m obsessed with owls!

There I said it. I don’t know what it is about these little flying creatures but I can’t get enough of them, especially of the white ceramic variety. Suffice to say I’ve purchased 4 different owl accessories for my home in the last month. I know, I know I have a problem.

It all started with a trip to one of my fav stores, Homegoods. As per usual I was browsing every nook and cranny of the store and spotted the cutest white owl I’d ever seen. He was a luminary and had a place in the middle of his belly to hold a candle. I stood in the aisle for 10 mins debating with myself if I really needed him, but for some reason decided he wasn’t essential to my happiness and left the store empty handed, something my current owl loving self would never do!! For days after leaving the store my mind kept wondering back to that sweet little owl and how cute he would be in my house. As any good Homesgoods shopper knows, if you see something you want you must snatch it up because if you wait it will inevitably be gone. This was my sad realization when I returned to purchase him.

Ever since I have purchased just about every owl I come across. I think I have post traumatic owl abandoner syndrome. Fortunately there is a happy ending to this story. While shopping at one of my favorite antique places in Atlanta I found him! Don’t ask me how, but it happened, it was fate, we were meant to be together!

Here he is, in all his glory!

I didn’t stop there, here are the other little guys that have joined him. My mom gave me this adorbs owl vase:

Image via: Z Gallerie

She also picked the larger mercury glass owl up for me on a recent trip to West Elm, thanks mom!!! 


Image via: West Elm

Now I can officially say I have enough owls and will try my hardest not to purchase any more. But even though I can’t buy any more owl related items that doesn’t mean I can’t share some of my favs from around the internet with you!! 

I adore this lamp:

 Image via: West Elm

I would love to drink a hot beverage out of this guy:

Image via: West Elm

These bookends would be so cute in our office (can I please have just one more, or two halves of one???):

Image via: Z Gallerie

This pencil cup would make a great companion for the bookends:

Image via: Anthropologie

Thanks for letting me ramble on about my owl obsession! Is anyone else obsessed with a certain white ceramic creature??


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