So, a blog?

Yay! My first post…I have a feeling that this could get addicting!!

As I get started on my blogging journey, I wanted to provide a little background as to why I decided to start a blog. I am very lucky to have a wonderful stable desk job with a great company, however my heart and passion lies in all things creative. Whether it is sprucing up an old piece of furniture, cooking a new recipe for my hubby, spending time enjoying my newest hobby…photography or just pinning away on Pinterest, if it’s creative and beautiful count me in! I think blogs are a great source of inspiration and knowledge and with all the wonderful options out there, I could spend hours reading through them. Although I don’t think, Mr.B would like that; he knows how many projects and ideas I’m planning in my head on any given day.

On this blog, I plan to share with you my home, fun (or not so fun) projects, crafts, recipes, and anything else that makes my little corner of the world interesting.

The older I get, the faster time seems to fly by and the more I seem to forget so what better way to document the everyday than an online diary full of details and photos that may otherwise be forgotten. I hope people will enjoy my blog, and maybe even find some inspiration of their own. Sometimes I find the best most enjoyable moments in life are the mundane, everyday details and I don’t want to forget a thing!!

P.S. I’ll try and get my husband Mark on here from time to time to share what’s it’s like to have a crazy, scatterbrained wife…and maybe even some recipes or manly home improvement tips.


One thought on “So, a blog?

  1. Wow…… I couldn’t be more proud to be your Mom!! You continually suprise me with your gifts and talents. I adore you. xoxoxoxo

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