The ABCs of Mark

A is for Age: Just turned 27. Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse all died at age 27, but since I don’t do drugs, I’m not that worried about it.

B is for Breakfast: Just had coffee this morning. Not the healthiest thing, I know.

C is for Current Craving: As with most Mondays, I’m right now craving getting back to the gym tonight and sweating out some of the less-wise dietary decision-making from the weekend.

D is for Dinner tonight: Grilled chicken, lima beans, and quinoa. Healthy and delicious!

E is for Favorite type of Exercise: Fusion class at our local gym. It’s a cross-training circuit, lasts about an hour, and really makes you sweat.

F is for irrational Fear: I would say snakes, but that’s totally rational, because they are evil.

G is for Goals: I’m at the age now where I have achieved many of the goals I would have had in college (get a job, get married, buy a house, etc…). This is the age of, “Ok, so now what?” Probably the next few big things will be moving up in my career, buying our next house in the suburbs, and having kids.

H is for Hometown: Atlanta. In fact, I’ve never had anything but an Atlanta mailing address.

I is for something Important: My wife, who epitomizes the phrase “my better half.”

J is for current favorite Jam: Got turned on to Wale recently, and I really like some of his stuff.

K is for Kids: Nope, not yet!

L is for Last time you received a present: My lovely wife framed my diploma for me.

M is for most recent way you spend Money: Gas at Costco. BORING, I know, but hey, I saved like 30 cents a gallon.

N is something you Need: Don’t tell Meagan I admitted it, but I need some new work pants. I have a tendency to endlessly put off buying new clothes.

O is for Occupation: I am a Technology Sales Engineer, which is not an actual engineer.

P is for Pet Peeve: The guy on the other side of my cube wall chews ice incessantly, and the crunching sound drives me NUTS. I have to put in headphones whenever he does it.

Q is for Quote: Someone told me recently, “It ain’t what you make, it’s what you keep.” Not a bad philosophy.

R is for Random fact about you: I once had two rows of teeth in the front of my bottom jaw. The permanents were ready to come in, but the babies wouldn’t let go. Needless to say I was a strong candidate for braces a few years later.

S is for the most random place you ever Slept: I take a long time to fall asleep, and so I very rarely nap. I’d say the floor of a friend’s house in college.

T is for favorite Treat: Cheese. Definitely cheese.

U is for something that makes you Unique:  Nothing really. I play the drums and a few other instruments, but I suppose so do a lot of people. I’d say what’s unique about me is the people and relationships in my life.

V is for favorite Vegetable: Never met one I didn’t like, but lately I’ve really liked Brussels. Steamed, or cooked in chicken stock.

W is for today’s Workout: Fusion class. Today is a “leg day”.

X is for X-rays you’ve had:  Mostly just dental x-rays, although I did get a back x-ray when I injured myself on a trampoline. That’s a long story. Wait, no it’s not, I sprained my back on a trampoline. At age 26.

Y is for Yesterdays highlight: Well, we just did chores all day, so the highlight was probably watching our Sunday night shows (Game of Thrones, Mad Men).

Z is for time Zone: Eastern, currently daylight savings. Really, that’s the last question? Time Zone? Let’s change it. Z is now for… “Favorite Zoo.” I’d have to say San Diego. Top notch facility they run there. Top notch.


The ABCs of Meagan

A is for Age: 26. Ugh mid-twenties, I still feel like I’m 18 and most people tell me I look it too, I’ll appreciate that one day.

B is for Breakfast: Cereal and almond milk. If you haven’t tired almond milk, I highly recommend it…all the nutrition without the cow juice.

C is for Current Craving: Fro yo…we’re regular visitors of our local fro yo place. Added bonus it’s quite nutritious, well at least until you add chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and sprinkles…

D is for Dinner tonight: Not sure yet, it’s Friday so we may have a date night!

E is for Favorite type of Exercise: Pilates, but lately we’ve been involved in a new cross training class at our gym…I hate it and love it at the same time, it kicks my a**.

F is for irrational Fear: If you call being deathly afraid of flying, stinging insects (Bee, Wasps, Hornets, yellowjackets, etc…) irrational then I’m guilty.

G is for Goals: I have many but here are a few that are most important to me: really learn and understand photography as well as editing, start a family, sell our current house and buy a new one, become a good blogger, travel more, and be a better person in general.

H is for Hometown: I was born in Orlando, FL but have spent most of my life in good ole Alpharetta, GA a little suburb outside of Atlanta.

I is for something Important: My husband of course, family, friends and good health.

J is for current favorite Jam: That’s hard one…I have several…but at the moment I’m really loving Maroon 5’s “Payphone”…Adam Levine is pretty easy on the eyes.

K is for Kids: I definitely want kids someday but for now, I just have two kitties, Coco and Cleo.

L is for Last time you received a present: My mom bought me some cute home accessories on her recent trip to West Elm. LOVE them!!

M is for most recent way you spend Money: I bought soup for lunch.

N is something you Need: I want many things but…I NEED black sandals for summer, like yesterday. It’s already crazy warm here!

O is for Occupation: I’m a Marketing Development Rep (this title in no way represents what I actually do).

P is for Pet Peeve: I can’t stand when people fish for comments/questions on Facebook, statuses like “So excited!” or “I can’t believe this happened to me!”, drive me crazy.

Q is for Quote: “Don’t regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many.” I always need to remember this!

R is for Random fact about you: I LOVE crazy colored nail polish…and have way to much of it.

S is for the most random place you ever Slept: In the back of my SUV at a truck stop. In college my friend and I were on vacation in Florida and decided to come back home to Georgia at 11:00 at night, so we could hang out with some boys the next day. It’s an eight hour drive…we lasted 3 and pulled over and slept for a couple hours at a scary truck stop.

T is for favorite Treat: Cake batter Fro yo, enough said…

U is for something that makes you Unique:  I have weird thumbs…I’m self conscious about them, so I’ll spare you a picture. They may or may not be short, and stubby….

V is for favorite Vegetable: Green beans, I could eat them cooked anyway (green bean casserole anyone?) or even raw.

W is for today’s Workout: Well I have a dub date planned after work so I guess I’ll be skipping today.

X is for X-rays you’ve had:  Fortunately I’ve ever broken any bones, but I’ve had my lungs and stomach X-rayed before.

Y is for Yesterdays highlight: Having a double date with my best friend Ashley, her hubby and sweet baby boy!!

Z is for time Zone: Eastern

Happy Birthday to you…

This post is for my hubby

Because it’s your birthday and because I love you bunches

You’re the best husband ever…

Because you love me even when I’m not so loveable

Because you encourage me and support all of my crazy ideas and plans

Because you don’t just hear me, you listen

Because you never let me leave the house hungry or without coffee

Because you’re kind and patient even when I’m not

Because you’re endlessly positive

Because you’re smart and witty

Because you let me call you silly pet names and you call me them too

Because you’re really handsome

Because you love my family like your own…even when they’re crazy

Because you bring me breakfast in bed on the weekends

Because you write the best love letters

Because you’re a wonderful musician and you let me be your groupie

Because you don’t get embarrassed by my questionable dance moves

Because you follow me around stores and don’t get impatient with my indecisiveness (most of the time)

Because you’ll give up watching the Falcon’s on a Sunday if I really want you to

Because you make me laugh and you laugh at my jokes too (even when they aren’t funny)

Because you’re the best cuddler…EVER

Because you don’t judge my exaggerated fear of stinging insects

Because you apologize when you’re wrong

Because you’ll be a wonder father some day

Because you talk to our kitties like they’re people

Because you’re my husband and I’m your wife and that’s pretty much the best thing ever

Have a wonderful 27th birthday!

I heart you ❤

Weekly Obsession: Owls

My name is Meagan and I’m obsessed with owls!

There I said it. I don’t know what it is about these little flying creatures but I can’t get enough of them, especially of the white ceramic variety. Suffice to say I’ve purchased 4 different owl accessories for my home in the last month. I know, I know I have a problem.

It all started with a trip to one of my fav stores, Homegoods. As per usual I was browsing every nook and cranny of the store and spotted the cutest white owl I’d ever seen. He was a luminary and had a place in the middle of his belly to hold a candle. I stood in the aisle for 10 mins debating with myself if I really needed him, but for some reason decided he wasn’t essential to my happiness and left the store empty handed, something my current owl loving self would never do!! For days after leaving the store my mind kept wondering back to that sweet little owl and how cute he would be in my house. As any good Homesgoods shopper knows, if you see something you want you must snatch it up because if you wait it will inevitably be gone. This was my sad realization when I returned to purchase him.

Ever since I have purchased just about every owl I come across. I think I have post traumatic owl abandoner syndrome. Fortunately there is a happy ending to this story. While shopping at one of my favorite antique places in Atlanta I found him! Don’t ask me how, but it happened, it was fate, we were meant to be together!

Here he is, in all his glory!

I didn’t stop there, here are the other little guys that have joined him. My mom gave me this adorbs owl vase:

Image via: Z Gallerie

She also picked the larger mercury glass owl up for me on a recent trip to West Elm, thanks mom!!! 


Image via: West Elm

Now I can officially say I have enough owls and will try my hardest not to purchase any more. But even though I can’t buy any more owl related items that doesn’t mean I can’t share some of my favs from around the internet with you!! 

I adore this lamp:

 Image via: West Elm

I would love to drink a hot beverage out of this guy:

Image via: West Elm

These bookends would be so cute in our office (can I please have just one more, or two halves of one???):

Image via: Z Gallerie

This pencil cup would make a great companion for the bookends:

Image via: Anthropologie

Thanks for letting me ramble on about my owl obsession! Is anyone else obsessed with a certain white ceramic creature??

So, a blog?

Yay! My first post…I have a feeling that this could get addicting!!

As I get started on my blogging journey, I wanted to provide a little background as to why I decided to start a blog. I am very lucky to have a wonderful stable desk job with a great company, however my heart and passion lies in all things creative. Whether it is sprucing up an old piece of furniture, cooking a new recipe for my hubby, spending time enjoying my newest hobby…photography or just pinning away on Pinterest, if it’s creative and beautiful count me in! I think blogs are a great source of inspiration and knowledge and with all the wonderful options out there, I could spend hours reading through them. Although I don’t think, Mr.B would like that; he knows how many projects and ideas I’m planning in my head on any given day.

On this blog, I plan to share with you my home, fun (or not so fun) projects, crafts, recipes, and anything else that makes my little corner of the world interesting.

The older I get, the faster time seems to fly by and the more I seem to forget so what better way to document the everyday than an online diary full of details and photos that may otherwise be forgotten. I hope people will enjoy my blog, and maybe even find some inspiration of their own. Sometimes I find the best most enjoyable moments in life are the mundane, everyday details and I don’t want to forget a thing!!

P.S. I’ll try and get my husband Mark on here from time to time to share what’s it’s like to have a crazy, scatterbrained wife…and maybe even some recipes or manly home improvement tips.